Friday, November 28, 2008

A few Pictures finally!!

Soooo...finally, like I said I have a few pictures from our road trip to Forks & La Push. I really wish I coould live out there. :-( I don't really know what else to say. I guess thanks to my parents for letting me use thier SLOOOOOW computer while I was at their house for Thanksgiving. HAHA!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Twilight @ Midnight??

Well...I LOVED IT!!! I know now there are a lot of people who think 'twilight' is a horrible movie but they just aren't appreciating it fully. I have officially seen it 5 times now and I only LOVE IT MORE AND MORE. I think seeing it more than once is the key. It lets you go back and appreciate all the moments more fully. I absolutely adore Robert Pattison...Ok, really I want to marry him. Everyone they cast in the movie, even the people I was a little wary of did a GREAT JOB!! Jackson Rathbone really stands out in my mind & I can't wait to see him have more screen time. Really I can't wait for EVERYONE to get more screen time. I hope it makes more and more and more money. They are already in the works for the next movies. I AM SO PUMPED!! Anyhoo...I'm going to see it again on Wednesday!! HAHA!

Monday, November 17, 2008

Forks & La Push, WA

HOLY CROW!!! If I became independently wealthy I now know where I would buy a home. I LOVE LA PUSH!!! I really like Forks also but First Beach @ La Push is breathtaking. It's hard to come up with words to decribe what I felt when we pulled up there. I felt like I didn't know Washington at all.

Anyhow, our road trip to Forks for our Twilight mania, self guided tour was SO MUCH FUN!! I took tons of pictures. LOL! The drive over even felt like we were going into another world. The rainforest was beautiful (we took the more scenic route.) We went through Port Angeles. When we got to Lake Crescent it was almost surreal...the weather was beautiful but there was this weird misty fog floating through the mountains and across parts of lake. Once we got within about 15 miles of Forks the sun disappeared and were suddenly in overcast weather. LOL!! They don't lie about their weather over there. HAHA! When we drove through the town we stopped at Forks High School & snapped some photos. A photographer from 'The Olympian' found us & asked a couple questions, then he took our phone numbers & names so their reporter could call us later. HAHAHA! We went on to the Chamber of Commerce to pick up our maps to do the self guided tour. The lady there (Marcia) was totally fun. They have sweatshirts there and bumperstickers. They give you the Twilight packet which consists of the map, other attractions in Forks, and a long list of Twilight trivia. It actually has pretty good questions too.

So we drove all around and took pictures at the Outfitters (Bella's work), The Swan's house, The Cullen's, The police station. We went to the hospital and Dr. Cullen (the real life Dr. Cullen) came out & we got our picture taken with him. One of the hotels in town had a reader board that said "Edward Cullen did not sleep here." This town went all out! We did some shopping but didn't find anything that great. The Outfitters has the best stuff there I think or the Chamber of Commerce. After this is was off to La Push!! The Quileute resevation is very beautiful. First Beach & Second Beach are probably the most beautiful beaches I have ever seen in Washington. I got lots of really beautiful pictures I can't wait to put in frames. Once we were done at the beach we were ravenously hungry!! We decided to go back into Forks & eat at Sullys Burgers. This joint has great burgers & shakes. Home of the "Bella Burger" and the "Twilight Punch". If you like pineapple on your burger you will love it!! The punch is really just strawberry lemonade but it's tasty!!

This was probably the most fun "1 day road trip" I have been on. Beth, Rosina, and I are planning on going back to La Push. Ok well not so much planning as actually going. We have a 2 bedroom cabin booked for 7/24 -7/26. Thanks so much to Ms. Beth's speedy-ness. I know after this movie comes out it will get even more crazy in that area than it already is. So we booked EARLY. I can't wait to go back!! This might be my new vacation spot. I LOVE IT!!! Soooo...all in all it was totally worth it for me to go. I think if you are as obsessed as I am you should take the trip. If you want to see pictures I should have them up on my myspace pretty soon. :-) Now comes the movie...I can't wait!!! This is my next event that I am pumped up for!! only 2.5 more days!!! AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, November 14, 2008

Twilight Tours...

OH WOW!! Holy mo-fracky!! This is just getting ridiculous. Does anyone else think it is strange how absolutely PUMPED I am to go to Forks??!! My friend and I added another person to our road trip today. We are now taking my roomate and fellow "Twilighter". I had to call the chamber of commerce to get the scoop on the tours and here are a couple of pics from the Seattle times when they went on the tour in July right before 'Breaking Dawn' was released. This town has really stepped it up for all the teenaged tourist coming with their parents! I wonder if they will think our small group of three women, age 24 to 27 are a little strange. I suppose not since people come there and really expect to see a vampire or a werewolf. At most they'll probably just wonder why we don't have our younger sister/neice/cousin/child we babysit for with us. HAHA!

I know I said I wouldn't be writing another one of these until probably Monday but I couldn't help myself. In case anyone reads this and wonders about these Twilight Tours...they only have them one Saturday a month and you need to make reservations. If you have a good sense of direction or like a little adventure. You can simply go to the Chamber of Commerce and they have maps so you can drive yourself around to all these "tourist spots". It's going to be totally awesome!! I can't wait to go to First Beach @ La Push! The number for the Forks, WA chamber of commerce is 1-800-443-6757.

Everyone who is a 'Twilight' fan should seriously go. Especially if you already live in WA. I will FOR SURE update this again on Monday. HAHAHA!!!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Going to Forks, WA...sometimes I really think I have a problem. :-) we go. I am now officially taking a roadtrip to Forks, WA so I one with Bella Swan & Edward Cullen. LOL! My friend Beth & I wanted to go as of about a week & a half ago maybe. I wasn't really sure if I would get the umph to actually go for it though. The two of us conspired together this morning via email, I checked the weather. Of course just like in 'Twilight' it is supossed to be gray but essentially a nice day. For Forks that is. Nothing we mossbacks from the northwest aren't used to already though.

So they say its about a 3 hour drive and I am totally justifying the LONG ASS drive by using my 1.5 - 2 hour commute to work everyday. I do think it will be completely worth it though. They have TWILIGHT TOURS!! It may be a retarded tour but, honestly, I wouldn't even have a clue what to do or where to go in Forks. How would I know how to get to La Push or the Quiluete Indian reservation? I may be from NW Washington but I can't remember a time in my life that I went to Forks. HAHA! The restaurant here has Bella burgers and Edward shakes and crap like that. There are stores with 'Twilight' t-shirts. I am curious if they'll be different than the ones they sell at hot topic & online. There are lots of people going to Forks now from all over the USA and the world for that matter. (It has been great for the small town of Forks and their economy.) The best part of this is Stephenie Meyer apparently used some actual names from this little town. THAT'S RIGHT!! There's a Cheif Swan. (I heard there is a Dr. Cullen running around there as well.) Apparently he gets asked for autographs a lot now. "big" weekend plans consist of going to a tiny little town in the Washington rainforest to essentially find a family of vampires or werewolves?? Pretty lame. No but really I think it's going to be a blast to just put myself even more into this fictional but still very real backdrop of my favorite books and a piece of Washington I at least don't remember ever seeing. (Which is really sad considering I've lived my whole life here.) I'll even be a true tourist and bring my camera. I am sure I will write more on Monday about our roadtrip. I CAN'T WAIT!!! Maybe I'll even get a picture with Cheif Swan. :-)

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

My obsession!!!

So these books are my obsession...I can't really explain it to people because they always think I am crazy. That is until they finally get curious enough to read them themselves. From there it always turns around and they finally understand. LOL! It all started on the way to Italy. I had seen a couple of the previews for the upcoming movie 'Twilight' and thought to myself that looks like a movie I want to see. When we were in Las Vegas airport I saw a book by the same name and decided to read it on the plane. The ONLY breaks I took was on our rush to the next plane in New York and when I was eating. So, about 15 hours later, there I was in Pisa, Italy done with this book and not in possesion of the second book 'New Moon'.

If you have read these books I am sure you have barely been able to wait overnight to go buy the 2nd, & then the 3rd, & then the 4th books in the series. Well I went to find it in Italy and immediatley cursed myself for NOT BEING ABLE TO READ ITALIAN. HAHA! I hunted & hunted. Finally I found 'New Moon' (in English) in Sienna and bought it. I cursed myself then because I finished it in less than 24 hours and was empty handed again. Our last day in Italy I found 'Eclipse' in Lucca. Again I read this book on the plane from Pisa to London to Shannon, Ireland. I found myself in another country I was SURE it would be an easy book to find in Ireland since they speak English and all. I was correct about that and I tried to savor every moment of that last book since as far as I new it was the last one.

I thought that with the end of this book that I would relax and I wouldn't be quite so engrossed in these books. When I got home I couldn't shut up about it! I became a promoter for the entire book series. (Even though you only need to have people read the first one & then it's all over.) Sometimes I wonder how much money I am making for Stephenie Meyer & her family. LOL! I have now read Twilight about four or five times and the other three books I have read three times. I still have not let go of these books and I doubt I ever will. Not to mention there is suppossed to be another coming out now.

I have never been much of a reader at any time of my life. Only the books that we were ordered to read in school. It had been about 2 years since I had read any books actually. I think I personally have found the books that I will be able to pick up and read again for the rest of my life, at any time in my life. Last night my roomate & I even went to the South Center mall to wait in line to meet some of the cast of 'Twilight' the movie. I have never seen so many screaming, 15 year old girls in my life!! I have now recruited many, many more fans and I am so happy to share my obesessiveness with them too! SO!!! I want to HIGHLY RECOMMEND READING THESE BOOKS! Twilight starts out somewhat slow but before you know it... BAM!!! From that moment on you are addicted. You have been warned...Enjoy every moment of it.