Thursday, February 2, 2012

The New Girl...she's a real piece of work.

So back in July 2011 I decided to go to Kentwood Farms & look at the horses they had for sale.  Some people at the barn told me about it & I figured meh...why not?  I don't have to buy anything & they probably won't have any horses that I NEED TO HAVE anyways.  HA...HA...HA...Then this little witch peeked her head out of a stall & whinnied at me.  This is a picture from the day I bought her when I got her home.
Miss Lolita was a 1.5 years old at this point.  I have now had her for almost 7 months and boy oh boy has she grown.  She will be 2 yrs. in April.  This is the first time I have gotten a horse this young, the other two were 4 year olds when I got them.  This has been a new experience for sure but now I am in way over my head.  The thing about this filly is that when I got her she wasn't at her top condition.  She was a bit underweight & unfit.'s not that way.  She has put on a lot of weight & muscle.  She basically is a sassy little bitch who thinks she's the alpha herd leader.  I am 99.9% positive I am going to be putting her into training in a week or two.  I still think she's going to be a great horse I just need to have help getting her there.  Hopefully after 4 months in training I will be able to do the rest of it all myself.  :-)  My horse Honey when I got her was not broke but somehow I managed to get her to be a very well behaved horse.  It's not working for me with Lola.  Ah well. 

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Going to Foooorks!!! Two point Oh.

I can’t believe it’s already been a year since I was last in Forks & La Push. I swear time starts fly the older you get! So being the huge fan of the Twitarded blog that I am I squeeee’d & grabbed at the chance to go back to Forks with all these great women again. Last year I didn’t get to know very many…actually none of the other ladies. Hopefully this year I will be a lot better about it. It’s hard for me sometimes to just go up & start talking to people. BUT I AM GOING TO DO IT!!!

So Forks…Jessica, Beth, and myself are coming!! Watch out!! OH, and we aren’t forgetting you either La Push! Hiking, beach walking, and picture taking galore. I don’t even want to mention what’s going to be going on with the entire Forks Motel taken up by Twitards. IT’S GOING TO BE SO GREAT!!! Maybe we’ll even run into some hot lumberjacks or something this time around. LOL!

Today is almost over now so… 2 MORE DAYS UNTIL WE ARE IN FOOOOOORKS!!!!! Two point oh.

Monday, July 4, 2011

My 25 things...

My 25 facts…

1. I have a pony…well technically a horse but I still call her a pony.

2. Like many of you I was REALLY SHY and people that hadn’t grown up going to school with, thought I was a snob. Luckily it is something I have grown out of for the most part.

3. Public speaking is my nemesis. Well…if it’s in front of people I don’t know well.

4. I had fibrous dysplasia (bone disease that destroys and replaces normal bone with fibrous bone tissue) on the right side of my forehead & eye socket when I was a kid/teen. When we finally figured out what was going on & where, I had to have two major surgeries (the first was emergency surgery) with a craniofacial specialist. It was pretty far along & the bone was growing around my optic nerve & would have severed it. Since this made me look quite different from everyone else from about 4th grade until 10th grade it contributed GREATLY to my shyness & hatred of speaking to groups of people. I am still self conscious about it.

5. I love to sing loudly & dance often. I do it all the time in my car & get lots of looks. I turn it up so loud though so I don’t think anyone else can hear me. This thought makes me feel a lot better about doing it.

6. I am a semi-secret lover of country / line dancing. I used to be on a dance team called West Coast Country Heat. HAHA!  The picture above is not that dance team.  That's my step dad trying to line dance at his 50th B-day.

7. I am on an Equestrian Drill team now (most people ask what it is).  I used to only dream of being a jumper on the olympic equestrian team.

8. I have a running list of my most favorite places that I have visited so far in my life. They are Maui, Eureka Montana, Ireland, Vienna Austria, Darjeeling India, La Push Washington, & Yellowstone National Park.

9. My mom got me two Persian cats when I was little. The one that actually loved me, my mom always joked was my soul mate from a previous life.

10. I don’t particularly enjoy babies or small children very often, but they LOVE ME!! Isn’t that how it always works though?

11. If I am with a group of my girlfriends somehow others always come to the conclusion that I am the Bitchy/mean one. I’ve learned this from people that I later became friends with. Even found this out from some of my friends boyfriends.  I don't think I look mean!

12. I have some really serious love for Harry Potter as well as Twilight, but I never joined an HP blog.

13. I have a half sister who I just recently started having contact with, along with some aunts & cousins when they all found me on Facebook.

14. I don’t really know any of my family from my biological father’s side.  I did meet him in like 1990 (I think I was 9 or 10) I told my mom & grandma that since he was my mom’s ex-husband that he was my ex-dad.

15. I really, really, REALLY love my horse. I feel that people might think I am strange but she is just so damn cute & I just want to cuddle her!

16. I bought my horse Honey at the Yelm horse auction in 2004 for $612.00, with registration papers & all.

17. If I ever get married I want a red wedding dress.

18. I am bedding WHORE. I love sheets, duvet covers, quilts, whatever!

19. As a child my god-mother told me I had an affinity with animals. I remember getting yelled at in Yellowstone national park when I just crawled right into a herd of females & bull elk with their babies pretending I was one of them. Another time I decided to walk up to a buck in Zion national park & got him to eat from my hand. When my mom came out of the cabin she was pissed. I got yelled at a lot for doing those kinds of things.

20. Twitarded is the only blog I read & look forward to reading every day.

21. All my cars have a giant red target painted on the back of them that I can’t see. I have been rear ended on the freeway so many times it is RIDICULOUS! People need to leave 4 car lengths between their cars & mine, do not drive ALONE in the carpool lane, and don’t text & drive unless it is stopped traffic!

22. I hate whistlers, people that chew with their mouth open, talk with their mouth full, or eat & talk on the phone.

23. I once got so drunk on my birthday that I when I thought I was being decent by going to the back of the truck to pee on the side of the highway. I didn’t realize at the time that any traffic coming up from behind could see me.

24. I refuse to sleep in beds with other people unless I really have to. I never sleep good that way. I think it makes me nervous or something.

25. I do not like other people’s feet. AT ALL. I do think babies feet are super cute though.

I didn't have any of my "little kid" pics.  My mom has them all.  HAHA!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day!!


Soooo… It’s Valentine’s Day again. Now I’ve never had a problem with V-day really. However what does drive me crazy is how obsessed other people get about this. Mainly chicks. (No offense to any friends that this may apply to.) I mean COME ON! Are you really going to dwell on the fact that you don’t have a boyfriend on this one day a year? That you’re not getting flowers or candy or some crap? Be depressed and generally no fun to be around? GET OVER IT! Have a good time being single and living it up, because from what I hear…being single is more fun anyways. 

I am spending my V-day evening at the barn taking care of horses. They are all my Valentines!


Thursday, February 10, 2011

The Host…turned into a MOVIE!!!!

So I learned from Confessions of TwiCrack Addicts this morning that they have started auditions for the movie version of ‘The Host’!!!! First just let me say…OHMYGOD!!! OHMYGOD!!! OHMYGOOOOOD!!!!

Now then. I heard about someone maybe making this book into a movie like 1.5 years ago or something. I wasn’t sure if it would actually happen so I just pretty much hoped it would come to pass. It is so exciting that they are actually going to do this! I really hope they make it a FANTASTIC movie. No offense but Twilight isn’t that great or a movie series. Not that I don’t LOVE it anyway despite the cheese factor. 

The Host is one of my favorite books also so here’s who I would like to see possibly play the roles of my favs. I am leaving out Jamie because I don’t know any kid actors and everyone I thought I knew isn’t a child anymore. All the kid actors I remember are now like 19 – 22. EEEESH! GAD!!

Melanie Stryder: Odette Yustman

Wanda:  Anna Sophia Robb

Ian O'Shea (love of my life):  Jared Padalecki

Jared Howe:  Henry Cavil or Jenson Ackles (just remember he's supossed to be older than Mel & Ian)
Uncle Jeb:  Sam Elliot (oh please I hope he would do it!)

So this is my take on things...I couldn't think of a Kyle.  Or really anyone else, but I've had these people in my mind for a really loooong time.  hahahaha!  OH I CAN'T WAIT!!!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

To breed or not to breed...THAT is the question!

Let me first just say that I have been back & forth on this subject since...oh I don't know.  Probably once I really fell in love with my mare Honey.  So coming up on 7 years now in May. 

In May 2008 my horse started going on & off lame so I gave her the rest of our Drill season off.  After we were done she was still off & on but then I got a second horse for Christmas that year & she just kinda fell on the back burner.  Finally I had a vet out to do x-rays on her & she was diagnosed with Navicular syndrome.  I have tried to do my best with her since then but she once again kinda got put on hold when the other mare (Scooter) started getting very ill.  Eventually I had to put that horse down due to intestinal cancer.  Then I got Honey back on track with her meds & got a much better shoer.

Well now about a month back I had a different vet come & take a look at her because I thought she might have done something to a tendon in her leg.  The vet said she looked great but that Honey would always be that way now that she is navicular.  She told me I probably had another 2-3 years of riding left with her then after that I would have to start thinking about what I wanted to do with her.  The vet was really great and she gave me a medicine regimen for Honey & just said she'll have good days & bad.  So this diagnosis is what finally made my decision for me.  Yes...a month later.

In case you don't know me...I am obsessed with my horse.  I got her at an auction in Yelm and over the year after I got her we bonded and I haven't loved any horse more.  So I have decided to get a baby from her.  (Hopefully another mare).  I have talked to some friends about it who have bred their horses and a couple of them knew of mutual friends that had Stallions.  So I finally found one that I like and Hopefully I will get her bred this year!  It won't be in the spring which is I think normally when people do this but, oh well.    I am so excited now!  Also really scared because I can't help myself. 

I can't wait to get started with this!  Now I just need to save up money for all the vet bills I'll be accumilating.  At least this time it will be for a new life and not ending one.  :-) 

Friday, February 4, 2011

I can't believe it!! Only...I can. Kinda. Lover Unleashed!!!

We only have to wait for 53 more days!!!  OMG!!!  SQUEEEEEEEE!!!  I know last year I don't think I blogged at all but I remember anticipating Lover Mine.  I really hope this one is GREAT!  The last two she's put out haven't been exactly what I had hoped for.  They were still really good, just not as good as I wanted them to be.  Especially John's book 'Lover Mine'.  Oh well.  I still love her books & it just goes to show how good of an author she really is.  I get so attached to these characters and want their stories to be so great!  It's no wonder I am always a bit sad when I finish the book.  Not to mention I know I have to wait for anther WHOLE YEAR!!! 

So we go girls.  53 days & counting.