Monday, April 27, 2009


OOOOOooooo!!! YES!!! SO last week I got a pleasant surprise when Lynsay Sands had a book come out! I was excited & of course I finished it in two days. HAHA! But I am soooooooo pumped because tomorrow ‘Lover Avenged’ by J.R. Ward comes out!! I feel like such a nerd, chomping at the bit for a book. LOL! I should be getting it in the mail Tuesday or Wednesday according to the girl at Barnes & Noble. She said people usually get the books on the release day or possibly two days later. I really hope I get it on Tuesday. Then again maybe it would be better on Thursday so I have it for the weekend. Oh well, whatever! I just can’t wait!!!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Blogger's Community Photo Challenge - The Great Outdoors

So I am following my friends lead & going to start trying to take more photos. I have always enjoyed it but haven't practiced it since school. So here we go!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Volterra vs Montepulciano #2

Here is Montepulciano. I will confess that I don't have as many pictures from this city. I was distracted by some...uh...scenery. It was also a shopping city. I was busy buying a purse, some shoes, and some linens. LOL! Anyhoo, here's what I have from that day. Including some of the scenery I mentioned. I am the best at taking these kind of sneaky shots. Just remember always wear sunglasses and always make them think you are taking a picture of the landmark & they just happen to be in the way. LOL! :-)

Please Notice all the tourists. They drove me CRAZY!! HAHA!! No seriously. I like to blend when I am in a different country not look like Schmuck with fanny pack and a passport holder hanging around my neck. The camera however I can't help.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Volterra vs. Montepulciano #1

OK. So I searched through my massive amount of photos that I took last Sept. when I went to Italy & pulled a few just so I could compare the two cities. Montepulciano is where they are going to film New Moon. Volterra is where it is supossed to be. Although they are still calling it Volterra for the movie. Anyways, I am babbling.

Here is the real Volterra:

I loved Volterra because it was one of the first places we visited once in Italy. The steps going up to the city are the same steps that the Romans used to travel there. The steps that are more elongated are the ones they used carts on to haul whatever was needed up to the city. The giant doors to the city are the same doors that have been there forever as well. I also was so excited to finally see my first ruins of a colloseum here. I love Italy. :-)