Thursday, November 13, 2008

Going to Forks, WA...sometimes I really think I have a problem. :-) we go. I am now officially taking a roadtrip to Forks, WA so I one with Bella Swan & Edward Cullen. LOL! My friend Beth & I wanted to go as of about a week & a half ago maybe. I wasn't really sure if I would get the umph to actually go for it though. The two of us conspired together this morning via email, I checked the weather. Of course just like in 'Twilight' it is supossed to be gray but essentially a nice day. For Forks that is. Nothing we mossbacks from the northwest aren't used to already though.

So they say its about a 3 hour drive and I am totally justifying the LONG ASS drive by using my 1.5 - 2 hour commute to work everyday. I do think it will be completely worth it though. They have TWILIGHT TOURS!! It may be a retarded tour but, honestly, I wouldn't even have a clue what to do or where to go in Forks. How would I know how to get to La Push or the Quiluete Indian reservation? I may be from NW Washington but I can't remember a time in my life that I went to Forks. HAHA! The restaurant here has Bella burgers and Edward shakes and crap like that. There are stores with 'Twilight' t-shirts. I am curious if they'll be different than the ones they sell at hot topic & online. There are lots of people going to Forks now from all over the USA and the world for that matter. (It has been great for the small town of Forks and their economy.) The best part of this is Stephenie Meyer apparently used some actual names from this little town. THAT'S RIGHT!! There's a Cheif Swan. (I heard there is a Dr. Cullen running around there as well.) Apparently he gets asked for autographs a lot now. "big" weekend plans consist of going to a tiny little town in the Washington rainforest to essentially find a family of vampires or werewolves?? Pretty lame. No but really I think it's going to be a blast to just put myself even more into this fictional but still very real backdrop of my favorite books and a piece of Washington I at least don't remember ever seeing. (Which is really sad considering I've lived my whole life here.) I'll even be a true tourist and bring my camera. I am sure I will write more on Monday about our roadtrip. I CAN'T WAIT!!! Maybe I'll even get a picture with Cheif Swan. :-)

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Patches said...

So am I a nerd because I'm soooo totally JEALOUS that you are going to Forks?!? I have been thinking more and more that I want to go, maybe when I finish the series. I finished the second book last night. Unless I really feel obligated to do something other then read this weekend, I might be able to get thru the last two! I just can't read FAST ENOUGH!!!