Monday, April 20, 2009

Blogger's Community Photo Challenge - The Great Outdoors

So I am following my friends lead & going to start trying to take more photos. I have always enjoyed it but haven't practiced it since school. So here we go!


Patches said...

Very cool pic, I LOVE it! Where is that?

Amers425 said...

Well since I can't find my USB cable to download new pics I had to pull from my other pics. This is from Ireland. LOL!

MariesImages said...

Well, the whole idea of this challenge is to enjoy photography, learn something new about ourselves, share with others..;) and get exposure to our blogs.
So Welcome! Ü
Love the photo, perfect for our challenge.

Veronica B. EDMD said...

beautiful pic, I can't believe that is Ireland. nice!


The Duchess said...

Oh I love this picture. It looks like it's out of a movie!

J9 said...

This looks so peaceful and very pretty!