Monday, March 30, 2009

New Moon's Caius has been cast...

Jamie Campbell Bower. Hmmmmm... I like him in Sweeny Todd.

He's only 20 though. Did anyone else picture Aro, Caius, and Marcus as looking more like Carlisle's age? You know...Like 30 to 36 ish. Poor Perter Facinelli is going to be the oldest vampire?

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Casting Director Rene Haynes Dishes on Wolf Pack & Hiring Chaske Spencer

Celebuzz has an awesome exclusive interview with Rene Haynes, New Moon Casting Director, where she talks about the New Wolf pack and the Twilight-mania they'll encounter:
They are all good kids," says Rene. "They have good heads on their shoulders. I think they'll navigate these waters the best they can."
"I've told them, make wise choices from here on out. This is what you've been working for. Don't mess it up."
Just to give you an idea of the fan intensity, IMDB's star meter showed Meraz's star ranking rose 25,566 percent in popularity this week (the shirtless picture at the top sure don't hurt).
Rene also addresses the difficulties of casting Chaske Spencer, rumored to be Sam Uley:
"He's someone I feel is going to be a star," says Haynes. "I have cast him before. He's always done lovely work. It's awesome to know that it's time for this young actor to have a great breakout role like this."
It wasn't a sure thing when Spencer auditioned, even after meeting casting director Joseph Middleton in NY for a powerful reading.
"It was a very long process," says Haynes, pointing out there were many strong candidates for the part. "It was up and down, up and down. But he floated to the top."
I love the reference to shirtless Alex Meraz. NPC! NPC! Read the rest here.

Thank you TwiCrackAddict!

Team Jacob?? I run with wolves...

Ok. So I am not really a Team Jacob person because I love Edward but I am still excited about this:

The Wolf Pack…

Well here I go again. I was on Stephenie Meyer’s website and they have listed who is cast as the wolf pack in ‘New Moon’ (aside from Taylor of course). They have award winning casting director Rene Haynes who has worked on ‘Dances with Wolves’ to ‘Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee’. I am pretty stoked about the casting since every one of the guys and the one girl is Native American. Or a pretty fair percentage anyways. So the guys are as follows:

Taylor Lautner

Chase Spencer

Bronson Pelletier

Alex Meraz

Tyson Houseman

Kiowa Gordon on the right.

This is supossedly Sam, Paul, and Embry. :-)

SO!!! THIS IS THEM! Whatever though. LOL!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Jonesin' for a little Twilight...Ok, and Rob Pattinson.

Alright, let’s just get one thing strait, I have issues and I freely admit to it. That being said, I LOOOOVE ROB PATTINSON! I LOOOOVE TWILIGHT! Now that I own the 2 disc & 3 disc DVD’s of the movie and two sets of the book series. (Yes that’s right…I have 3 different copies of Twilight. Two in hard cover & one in paperback which is the one I bought for a plane ride not even fathoming what I was going to do to myself.) The other three books I have in hard cover that I got for my B-day (thanks mom for contributing to my addiction) and the paperbacks that I bought in Europe. OK O.C.D. – Obsessive Cullen Disorder… Anyways, I can’t wait for New Moon to come out now. It is killing me!!! I had no idea how much I was feening for Twilight until I got the movie. Ok so I was really needing my Rob / Edward fix mostly. I did see the movie like 10 times in the theatre. Opening weekend alone I saw it Thursday, Friday, Saturday, & Sunday. HAHAHA! That is kind of sad. I am so obsessed with this stuff I actually watched all of the extra features! I even watched the movie with the commentary from Katherine, Kristin, and yes my future husband Rob. I can honestly say I have NEVER done that before. I just like hearing his voice & his sense of humor had me cracking up almost the whole time. The really interesting thing is he is the best kind of movie star!! He doesn’t even think he’s hot! I love it! Tonight I am off to find the Twilight Soundtrack. I already have the one soundtrack but I want the Score from the movie. I also am trying to find THE COMPLETE SOUNDTRACK. They left off a few songs from the one I bought which I can’t stand. Especially since one of the songs they left off the CD is Robs. GGGGRRRRRR!!! Soooo anyhoo here’s a fair warning. I will talking about Rob & New Moon a lot. Really a lot. Probably until they are done making all the movies I will be talking about him and/or whichever movie. I might get quiet about it for a few months when some of the stuff dies down a bit. But then WHAM!!!! Something like a movie trailer or whatever brings it all back to the surface. Just a fair warning. I have included some of my favorite pics and a movie poster (not the real one probably) for New Moon. YEEEEAAAAHHHH!!! That is one HOT MAN!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Saint Patrick's Day!!!

Happy St. Patrick's Day!!!

Saint Patrick (circa AD 385–461), one of the patron saints of Ireland, and is generally celebrated on March 17.
The day is the
national holiday of Ireland

Saint Patrick's Day is celebrated worldwide by the those of Irish descent and increasingly by non-Irish people (usually in New Zealand, Australia, and North America). Celebrations are generally themed around all things Irish and, by association, the colour green. Both Christians and non-Christians celebrate the secular version of the holiday by wearing green, eating Irish food and/or green foods, imbibing Irish drink (such as Irish stout, Irish Whiskey or Irish Cream) and attending parades

In many parts of North America, Britain, and Australia, expatriate Irish and ever-growing crowds of people with no Irish connections but who may proclaim themselves "Irish for a day" also celebrate St. Patrick's Day, usually with the consumption of traditionally Irish alcoholic beverages (beer and stout, such as Murphy's, Beamish, Smithwicks, Harp, or Guinness; Irish whiskey; Irish coffee; or Baileys Irish Cream) and by wearing green-colored clothing.

There's your lesson! LOL! Have fun & be safe!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009


I am so freaking pumped!!! I have been reading so many books lately and they all seem to be books in a series. Well... 'Hunted' just came out yesterday!! It is the 5th book in the 'House of Night Series'. I am off to Barnes & Noble or Borders tonight to snatch it up! These are young adult novels so it should be interesting to see how I go back to one of these from the steamy adult vampire romance novels. haha! Although it is written by a lady who does Adult Romance novels also. So it gets a pretty good in parts. Too good to be in the young adult section I think but whatever. Anyhoo. I CAN NOT WAIT TO START THIS BOOK!!! Just thought I'd share. This is only the start of all the books coming out!! Next is Lynsay Sands, then J.R. Ward, Blue Bloods, Kresley Cole, Jaquelyn Frank, & I am still waiting to hear about Stephenie Meyer & The Host trilogy thing. Ahhhhhhh...I hate waiting.