Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Honest Scrap Award...Finally got around to it.

The Honest Scrap Award comes with a caveat or two. First, you have to tell your readers 10 things about you they may not already know, but are true. Second, you have to tag 10 people with the award. Third, you have to let the people you've given the award to, know that they've received this award from you. Finally, make sure you link back to the person who awarded you.So first up, lets see if I can think of 10 things you may not know about me that are somewhat interesting...
1. I grew up in Edmonds which is a suburb of the greater Seattle area (pretty yuppy-ish) yes people that’s right. I am a city girl.
2. I hate whistling. Not the kind of whistling that is calling for a dog but when people whistle a little tune. It irritates me beyond belief.
3. I started riding horses when I was 8 or 9 over on the Eastside in Woodinville. I grew up riding only English, doing Dressage & Hunter/Jumper stuff. Never rode Western (other than those horse rental places) until I bought Honey.
4. Honey was my very first horse that I BOUGHT & OWNED. Scooter is the second. I also refuse to pay more than $1000.00 for a horse. I bought Honey for $612.00 at the Yelm auction, and I got Scooter for my B-day & X-mas present this last December. Granted they have taken a lot of work but it makes it all the more worthwhile to me.
5. It took me a year to confess to my parents that I bought a horse (Honey). They call them Hay burners & never thought I should have one. Now my mom calls Honey her grand-daughter. J She hasn’t met Scooter yet.
6. I work at my Uncle’s company in Downtown Seattle doing customer service & custom distribution of produce to Alaska & Canada.

7. I am a MAJOR travel junkie! It’s more difficult now with horses however. I have been to the Caribbean, Mexico, Canada (haha), India, Taiwan, Japan, Singapore, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France, Italy, & Ireland. My next mission is hopefully Greece and/or Spain. Possibly Australia and I want to see Africa eventually too. I have also been on a lot of family vacations to National Parks so I have gotten to see a lot of the U.S. as well.
8. I can not eat steak of any kind. Whether it is cow, elk, buffalo, moose, venison, pork chops, ribs, whatever. I refuse to eat it. It makes me actually start gagging after a few minutes so if I try to be polite I eat some I have to swallow it down in a REALLY short amount of time. I WILL NOT eat wild game of any kind anyways. I understand people hunt & that doesn’t bother me (Sniff. Bambi. Ok I am kinda bothered.) but I just don’t like meat that looks like it was sliced off the ass of an animal. YUCK!!!
9. I LOVE SPAGHETTI!!! Baked spaghetti!! Only if my mom or I makes it though. With garlic bread. Garlic bread is imperative.

10. When it comes to my horses I am an anal control freak. It’s hard for me to just let go & have other people ride them, groom them, tack them up, clean their stall, bathing. Pretty much any of it, which makes it even more difficult for me to travel. LOL! I just believe that there is almost no one that can care for them as well as I do. (Not true though.)

So there are ten random things you may not have known about me. I don’t have anyone to tag so whatever.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Not sure if anyone has noticed or not...

Jackson reminds me A LOT of Johnny Depp. His performance in Twilight, albeit small was very Edward Scissorhands-esque. I have noticed even more lately how much he reminds me of Johhny. That is a compliment from me. Kinda excentric but not a looney tune. Just simply WONDERFUL!!!