Monday, July 4, 2011

My 25 things...

My 25 facts…

1. I have a pony…well technically a horse but I still call her a pony.

2. Like many of you I was REALLY SHY and people that hadn’t grown up going to school with, thought I was a snob. Luckily it is something I have grown out of for the most part.

3. Public speaking is my nemesis. Well…if it’s in front of people I don’t know well.

4. I had fibrous dysplasia (bone disease that destroys and replaces normal bone with fibrous bone tissue) on the right side of my forehead & eye socket when I was a kid/teen. When we finally figured out what was going on & where, I had to have two major surgeries (the first was emergency surgery) with a craniofacial specialist. It was pretty far along & the bone was growing around my optic nerve & would have severed it. Since this made me look quite different from everyone else from about 4th grade until 10th grade it contributed GREATLY to my shyness & hatred of speaking to groups of people. I am still self conscious about it.

5. I love to sing loudly & dance often. I do it all the time in my car & get lots of looks. I turn it up so loud though so I don’t think anyone else can hear me. This thought makes me feel a lot better about doing it.

6. I am a semi-secret lover of country / line dancing. I used to be on a dance team called West Coast Country Heat. HAHA!  The picture above is not that dance team.  That's my step dad trying to line dance at his 50th B-day.

7. I am on an Equestrian Drill team now (most people ask what it is).  I used to only dream of being a jumper on the olympic equestrian team.

8. I have a running list of my most favorite places that I have visited so far in my life. They are Maui, Eureka Montana, Ireland, Vienna Austria, Darjeeling India, La Push Washington, & Yellowstone National Park.

9. My mom got me two Persian cats when I was little. The one that actually loved me, my mom always joked was my soul mate from a previous life.

10. I don’t particularly enjoy babies or small children very often, but they LOVE ME!! Isn’t that how it always works though?

11. If I am with a group of my girlfriends somehow others always come to the conclusion that I am the Bitchy/mean one. I’ve learned this from people that I later became friends with. Even found this out from some of my friends boyfriends.  I don't think I look mean!

12. I have some really serious love for Harry Potter as well as Twilight, but I never joined an HP blog.

13. I have a half sister who I just recently started having contact with, along with some aunts & cousins when they all found me on Facebook.

14. I don’t really know any of my family from my biological father’s side.  I did meet him in like 1990 (I think I was 9 or 10) I told my mom & grandma that since he was my mom’s ex-husband that he was my ex-dad.

15. I really, really, REALLY love my horse. I feel that people might think I am strange but she is just so damn cute & I just want to cuddle her!

16. I bought my horse Honey at the Yelm horse auction in 2004 for $612.00, with registration papers & all.

17. If I ever get married I want a red wedding dress.

18. I am bedding WHORE. I love sheets, duvet covers, quilts, whatever!

19. As a child my god-mother told me I had an affinity with animals. I remember getting yelled at in Yellowstone national park when I just crawled right into a herd of females & bull elk with their babies pretending I was one of them. Another time I decided to walk up to a buck in Zion national park & got him to eat from my hand. When my mom came out of the cabin she was pissed. I got yelled at a lot for doing those kinds of things.

20. Twitarded is the only blog I read & look forward to reading every day.

21. All my cars have a giant red target painted on the back of them that I can’t see. I have been rear ended on the freeway so many times it is RIDICULOUS! People need to leave 4 car lengths between their cars & mine, do not drive ALONE in the carpool lane, and don’t text & drive unless it is stopped traffic!

22. I hate whistlers, people that chew with their mouth open, talk with their mouth full, or eat & talk on the phone.

23. I once got so drunk on my birthday that I when I thought I was being decent by going to the back of the truck to pee on the side of the highway. I didn’t realize at the time that any traffic coming up from behind could see me.

24. I refuse to sleep in beds with other people unless I really have to. I never sleep good that way. I think it makes me nervous or something.

25. I do not like other people’s feet. AT ALL. I do think babies feet are super cute though.

I didn't have any of my "little kid" pics.  My mom has them all.  HAHA!