Wednesday, February 18, 2009


So the new horse is proving to be a fantastic horse to ride. I already knew this of course since I had been riding her off & on since she was a two year old. Still though, it’s more fun now because she is actually mine. Scooter has always been laid back and yes, lazy. My other horse Honey used to be really lazy though too when I got her. I am hoping that it will get better. Until then I have been trying to work on roll backs and better steering. Too bad I have to get her on the one handed riding thing here pretty quick now also. If our Drill captain wants me in our freestyle program I will be carrying a flag. I KNEW I shouldn’t have circled that drill when she had us fill out our paperwork!!! I am also thinking about maybe taking some lessons from a girl named Becky that comes down to the Unit. She works for Dean McCann but is going to start out on her own next year so it would be nice to learn some things from her. My only other concern with this new horse is her weight. It drives me crazy!! She’s so skinny! No matter how much I feed her she stays the same. She even leaves behind hay, which really drives me crazy because I hate a hay waster. I have no clue what to do about it, but she is still growing so hopefully she’ll even out eventually. I think she’ll always be a lean thoroughbred-y type horse. Honey is just such a fatty little stock horse! It’s hard to get used to. I hope I get this figured out here pretty quick like so I can not feel guilty that I am not feeding her properly.