Thursday, February 2, 2012

The New Girl...she's a real piece of work.

So back in July 2011 I decided to go to Kentwood Farms & look at the horses they had for sale.  Some people at the barn told me about it & I figured meh...why not?  I don't have to buy anything & they probably won't have any horses that I NEED TO HAVE anyways.  HA...HA...HA...Then this little witch peeked her head out of a stall & whinnied at me.  This is a picture from the day I bought her when I got her home.
Miss Lolita was a 1.5 years old at this point.  I have now had her for almost 7 months and boy oh boy has she grown.  She will be 2 yrs. in April.  This is the first time I have gotten a horse this young, the other two were 4 year olds when I got them.  This has been a new experience for sure but now I am in way over my head.  The thing about this filly is that when I got her she wasn't at her top condition.  She was a bit underweight & unfit.'s not that way.  She has put on a lot of weight & muscle.  She basically is a sassy little bitch who thinks she's the alpha herd leader.  I am 99.9% positive I am going to be putting her into training in a week or two.  I still think she's going to be a great horse I just need to have help getting her there.  Hopefully after 4 months in training I will be able to do the rest of it all myself.  :-)  My horse Honey when I got her was not broke but somehow I managed to get her to be a very well behaved horse.  It's not working for me with Lola.  Ah well. 

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Patches said...

Gotta love those sassy red heads, huh? I'm sure she'll be a fantastic horse sooner or later. ;) She's sure cute!