Thursday, January 15, 2009

Black Dagger Brotherhood series by J.R. Ward


So I have continued on my journey into reading. I started with the Twilight Saga and I haven’t slowed down since. I read the host which was a pretty good way to make the transition out of Twilight. Then I read these books my roommate had bought by P.C. Cast & Kristin Cast. (They’re a mother daughter team.) It’s called the ‘House of Night’ series. They are about a girl called Zoey who gets “marked” to become a vampire. It consists of 4 books so far with another coming out on March 10th. I really, really liked these books! It’s pretty interesting also to realize how un-original Stephenie Meyer’s books were. Don’t get me wrong I love them because they are very well written and they opened me up to reading again. I am after all still in love with Edward. But going from Twilight’s sexual content which other than A LOT of sexual frustration, and let downs was non existent. Then reading Marked (the 1st of the ‘House of Night’ series) and by the 7th chapter she’s (Zoey) accidently walked up on a female student trying to give a male student a blow job in a dark hallway!! LOL! I almost had heart failure! There’s a lot more…uh…yeah too. I thought it was interesting for a young adult / juvenile novel. TMI for those youngsters! I am sure they all already know about that stuff but I prefer to keep my head buried in the sand.

There are a crap load of young adult vampire novels out there. There are also a lot of adult vamp novels too. The adult novels are actually the reason I decided to do this particular entry. HAHA! It was slightly embarrassing when I started reading this new series of books. Of course they are vampire books. I realize I may seem strange but I have always been drawn to the vampire genre. I didn’t used to read books about them but I have always enjoyed the movies. I own a lot of them. There has always been something about vampires that have caught my attention. It’s obviously not only me either. These books I am reading now are by J.R. Ward and yes they are romance novels. They are called the “Black Dagger Brotherhood” Google it! I mostly started reading these because my mom had told me she read a couple romance novels when I was a kid and that they had been “wild” to quote her accurately. SO I went to Borders and found them. There was no way to tell which book came first so I just picked two of them up & went to pay. I felt uncomfortable buying them which is silly but I had a strange felling I was basically buying smut, a.k.a. written porn in the form of a “romance novel”.

When I got home I got down to it! The 1st book I read was ‘Lover Enshrined’. I really liked it too! Since I bought two of them I moved on to the book called ‘Lover Unbound’. Oh…My, God!!! I loved them!! How could this happen??!! I don’t like romance novels!! I excitedly went online to read up on how many more books there were. Come to find out I read the 6th book first and the 5th book second. So I did read all these books out of order but I am now almost finished with the last one (which is actually the 4th one) I needed to read. It also took me lots of time to find all of them. Apparently you can never find all the romance novels you need in one place! It’s a conspiracy! I am so happy I decided to buy these books although I doubt they will be making movies about these ones. LOL! They would really have to tone down the sex…like A LOT. J.R. Ward is so good at creating characters you end up loving and feeling for. She tells a great story in each one, and I don’t know how but all the books manage flow into each other so smoothly it's as if it is just one long book. Even though each books main focus is on a different male in the Brotherhood. I will admit there have been a couple of times I have blushed, even while reading by myself. If you were left…wanting for more…uh…action after reading the Twilight series I highly recommend this. If you have a “male” in your life he might like you reading these books to! LOL! I think if I had a “male of worth” in my life I would have put those books down quite a few times to do other things. HAHA!

Anyhoo, I can’t wait until 4/28/09!! The 7th book in the series is coming out! So here it is! I’m going to put down all the books titles (in order) and the main character’s name in each book. Hopefully if anyone reading this is interested it will help you find all of the books you need. It would have been better if I read them in order just to understand what the heck they were talking about from the begining. Soooo...Have at it! Enjoy the bloodlust!! I know I have, true?!

Dark Lover – Wrath & Beth
Lover Eternal – Rhage & Mary
Lover Awakened – Zsadist & Bella
Lover Revealed – Butch & Marissa
Lover Unbound – Vishous & Jane
Lover Enshrined – Phury & Cormia
Lover Avenged – Rhevenge & ?????? releases on 4/28/09


Patches said...

Hahaha Sounds like quite a change of pace after Twilight! :) I might have to give those a try. Sounds like the boyfriend wouldn't mind me reading those so much. lol I think he's pretty tired of Twilight.

Patches said...

So funny to reread this now that I've started the JR Ward series. They are definately great stories and characters! Definately blushed my way thru a few scenes, but they are just great books!

Thank god for Amazon though...not sure I could have purchased them at a bookstore! lol